River Park South Community Association Survey Responses

Earlier in the campaign the River Park South Community Association sent all candidates a brief survey, asking why they are running and what their goals are. Below are my unedited answers to all 9 questions:

Why are you running for councillor in the new St. Norbert-Seine River ward?

There are two main reasons; First, I don’t feel that city council is looking far enough into the future when making decisions.  Second, the 18-30 age group is not visible on city council.  As they are the demographic who will deal with the long-term outcomes of city council decisions, they should have an elected voice at city hall.

What experience would you bring to the table if elected?

While I do not have experience in the traditional sense, I have invested time in becoming extremely well versed on current issues facing city hall, the priorities of the current council, and I continue to pay close attention to the path city council is on in terms of their vision for the City of Winnipeg.

As my platform demonstrates, I have a thorough understanding of the implications of decisions council makes, including their short and long term, and positive and negative impacts, on the future of the City of Winnipeg.

Question from a local resident: What do you think the number one priority is for the [River Park South] community and what is the number one priority for the city?

The RPS community is concerned with incidents of theft and petty crime that have increased recently and finding solutions to reduce them.

The main priority for the City of Winnipeg continues to be infrastructure, specifically road construction and repair.

What will be your top goals and priorities if elected to the St. Norbert-Seine River ward?

One of my priorities is increased youth engagement in civic politics, with a goal of increased youth voter turnout and greater participation in community consultations and forums.

Another top priority is an increased focus on active transportation infrastructure, with the goal of developing dedicated AT routes along St. Mary’s Road and St. Anne’s Road from River Park South to downtown.

Question from a local resident: How do you intend to accomplish your campaign goals (i.e. actionable steps)?

Encourage the city to develop planning processes that consider the long-term implications of all decisions.

Lobby for increased funding for active transportation networks.

Engage and work with ward school divisions and the University of Manitoba to find opportunities for student civic engagement.

Question from a local resident: Given that the population of Winnipeg is expected to be one million by 2035, what decisions need to be made within the new city council’s four-year mandate to ensure we have the proper infrastructure in place?

The City of Winnipeg must decide if it wants to grow as a car centric, suburb dominated city, or does it want to work on minimizing suburban growth while looking at infill and densification options serviced by proper transit routes (including BRT) and a city-wide connected active transportation network.  This one decision will inform the basis of all future planning decisions.

What are main goals in relation to transportation and roads in the area (i.e. adding/removing speed bumps/crosswalks/stop signs/bike paths, goals related to public transportation)?

A main goal is increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety without negatively impacting vehicle traffic.  The Louis Riel School Division Safe Routes to Schools Report offers numerous specific recommendations as to how this could be accomplished.  It is equally important to ensure community input informs the addition or removal of traffic calming devices and street signs.

What is your favourite thing about River Park South?

I’ve lived in River Park South my entire life; as it has grown, it has retained a sense of familiarity and community. It’s home.

Also, Lick’s ice-cream.

Tell us something about yourself our readers might not know about you.

I’m bilingual. J’ai gradué du Collège Jeanne-Sauvé et je suis fier de pouvoir représenter ma communauté dans les deux langues officielles.

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